Monday, July 7, 2008


B4 ni rase mcm ok...
Senang je nak buat keputusan..
tapi now,
bila dah berhadapan dgn the real sitoation baru buat diri terpikir2 bukan 2,3 kali..
lebih 10 kali...
tapi masih lagi rasa sedikit takut..

People out there,
i need your opinion..
betulke keputusan yang i buat ni..
i am going to leave CUCMS..
i am going to join UKM..
new environment,
new people,
new system,
not sure its gonna be better or ...
workload?? i dunno...
but just one thing that i am sure..
a brighter future,
better pay,
more benefits..
for me & family..

please give some opinion..


dRGonDRonG said...

Dr Wawa! nak quit cucms??? comment...
but my dad like 2tell me..
d world is all bout d money now...
no money, many tings will b upside pun kurang happy...

dr_wahida said...

this is not about the money..but this is about 2 things:

1. justice
2. future

why must you stay at a place which is underpay you. Benchmark for gaji biasanya is private sebb private bagi gaji banyak..biasala ipta akan bayar gaji standard approved by gov. tapi in my case lain...private pulak yg bayar rendah. so bukan pasal duit ni tapi rase macam dizalimi. Saya tak bole kata saya kerja ni jihad semata..jihad cara lain bole.

2. future
i have vision in life. Since secondary school i dah decided to get my phd b4 30. And now alhamdulillah, i dapat. and now i must work towards my AP and P. But what i can see now, only ipta can give this opportunity to me. I cannot sacrifies my future just for the sake of my beloved college.