Tuesday, October 23, 2007

9 jenis syaitan

Sebagai peringatan kita setiap hari dimana syaitan2 kurang ajar ini mengganggu hidup harian yang mungkin selama ini kita tidar sedar hasutan mereka. Sampaikan kepada sekelian muslimin/muslimat yang lain semoga menjadi pedoman hidup hingga keakhir hayat , Insya'Allah .

Umar al-Khattab r. a berkata, terdapat 9 jenis anak syaitan:

1. Zalituun
Duduk di pasar/kedai supaya manusia hilang sifat jimat cermat.
Menggoda supaya manusia berbelanja lebih dan membeli barang-barang yang tidak perlu.

2. Wathiin
Pergi kepada orang yang mendapat musibah supaya bersangka buruk terhadap Allah.

3. A'awan
Menghasut sultan/raja/ pemerintah supaya tidak mendekati rakyat.
Seronok dengan kedudukan/kekayaan hingga terabai kebajikan rakyat dan tidak mahu mendengar nasihat para ulama.

4. Haffaf
Berkawan baik dengan kaki botol.
Suka menghampiri orang yang berada di tempat-tempat maksiat (cth: disko, kelab mlm & tempat yg ada minuman keras).

5. Murrah
Merosakkan dan melalaikan ahli dan orang yg sukakan muzik sehingga lupa kepada Allah.
Mereka ini tenggelam dalam keseronokan dan glamour etc.

6. Masuud
Duduk di bibir mulut manusia supaya melahirkan fitnah, gosip, umpatan dan apa sahaja penyakit yg mula dari kata-kata mulut.

7. Daasim
(BERILAH SALAM SEBELUM MASUK KE RUMAH...) Duduk di pintu rumah kita.
Jika tidak memberi salam ketika masuk ke rumah, Daasim akan bertindak agar berlaku keruntuhan rumahtangga (suami isteri bercerai-berai, suami bertindak ganas, memukul isteri, isteri hilang pertimbangan menuntut cerai, anak-anak didera dan pelbagai bentuk kemusnahan rumah tangga lagi).

8. Walahaan
Menimbulkan rasa was-was dalam diri manusia khususnya ketika berwuduk dan solat dan menjejaskan ibadat-ibadat kita yg lain.

9. Lakhuus
Merupakan sahabat orang Majusi yang menyembah api/matahari.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ramadhan 29

today is gonna be the last working day for the whole faculty before eid celebration...'must take leaves' is a week long and the day after the school reopened, my teaching slot will be 8.00am-12.30am for the whole week..perghhh...dasat tuuu..i can foresee i'm gonna have a swing mood on that day. Try to look at the bright side of things...perhaps it could be a good exercise to reduce my overweight weight..kekekekek...not too overweight la..a 5 ft lady with 53kg..with glycogen and fats stored under skin..well, it is a price to pay for having a beloved hansem baby..i sincerely dont mind!!..it is worthwhile!!

another good news, all staffs including academicians is gonna have duit raya from our big boss..alhamdulillah..and i heard the minimum would rm400/head..such a kind-hearted and generous boss!! (puji skeet).. at least it could refill my account!!..tq again Dr. Salmi.

since i will be away for a week..i would write again only after eid break..

lastly...salam eid mubarak to all..maaf zahir dan batin!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramadhan 28

hmmm..still here..breathing and living in this beloved dungeon..
while other people might have make their own way home for eid fitri celebration.
This morning, on my way to faculty..i could see all the happy faces with all the luggages heading to nearby bus stop. I assume all the bulky bags contained all these must have things: kueh raye, dodol, cakes and the most crucial item..baju raya!! (without this, i just don't have heart to beraya).
Well, talking about baju raya..i'm so happy and proud to have a precious hari raya gift from my big boss..its a nice ready made baju kurung and it fits me well. Tq so much to Dr. Salmi for a very nice purple songket tenun..
Well, actually the CPDC (curricular planning & dev. committee) meeting is just over. But it didnt completely over..all the members still needed to seat back and do the vetting process for proffesional exam questions. It is the most important examination for the whole faculty to determine either the students could proceed to clinical year or repeating the pre-clinical. And some more important, this is the first batch of CUCMS students who are going to sit for the exam. After they have pass (each & everyone of them..insyaalah) the exam, they are going to be split to 3 different hospital according to posting that they choose. Pediatric and ONG will be in Putrajaya Hospital, public health in Sepang and the rest in Terendak Hospital. I personally feel extremely anxious how these students would perform in those hospitals...in other words they are promoting CUCMS name to the world outside.
Looking at the mess on my desk..somehow it diminish the excitement..i have alot of things to be done..mock exam to be marked, students folio and log book to be assessed ( 2 batches u know!!) 2 days to go but i just feel as if syawal is a month a head. I'll be on leave on friday, a day before eid mubarak. Hopefully, this coming Syawal will drive me back to human fitrah, which is white and pure with bless from Allah the most merciful.

Monday, October 8, 2007

working on new research proposal

Do not know...wether this is gonna be a good news or not..i've been asked by deputy dean of research to start a research project for my promotion..yes, its good for my future but it is burdensome. Working in multi-tasking environment is so challenging..Other than teaching as the main focus and task...managerial work are here and there...and now..research some more..pheww..i couldn't anticipate how is life would be..

'Research' is close to my heart..i was a dedicated researcher during the time i was persuing my doctorate in UKM. I was conducting a research to determine the effect of palm oil based vit e on hepatoma cells (liver cancer). Alhamdulillah, the findings were convincing..indeed!! I have presented to several conferences locally and internationally...

Past is past...now, i'm no longer in ukm..have to face the reality..i'm working on new research area now, with IJN collaboration ...it's all regarding ischemic heart disease. Being a new private medical university, we have to run 200km/hour while other IPTA breezwalking..and being a junior lecturer it is a compulsory to grab this opportunity to colour my future..and one thing for sure, my x-supervisor, Prof. Dr. Wan Zurinah will always my idol and burning the flame inside me..and i swear it will never turn off.

uppps.. i was carried away with my pleasant memory..anyway, life must go on day after day and hopefully, all the past experiences could be manipulated so that the sweet and pleasant does not turn to bitter.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Syawal is coming, ramadhan is leaving..

Eid Fitri is just around the corner. Exactly a week to go..i could feel the excitement just like the previous years..it was the time when i still single and available..i just can't wait to get back to my home town..break the fast together with mak & ayah. The most precious night is the night b4 eid fitri where all my siblings, nephews & nieces gathered together..i just love how 'tunggang-langgang' my house would be if they start to 'fight'. But for this coming eid fitri, they r going to miss the way i shout at them.."diam la skett..pening pala maksu ni".. owhh..i'll miss u too..

Hmm..i was born in a big family..4 brothers, 3 sisters & i'm the last with 23 nieces and nephews..they are all the cuties and sweeties. The biggest is 1 year younger than me & the smallest one, 2 years old..As usuall, a day before syawal-1st, my job was baking chocolate cake for not only for the guest but also a special one for them..the cuties and the sweeties will be sitting around me to lend their helping hands. Finally, this is the time you r waiting for..now, the cake is ready to be baked and the uncooked residue in the mould now is all yours!! How cute they were at that time licking the mould untill it was cleaned as if it was washed.

It is all different now..i'm a newly-mum with 4 1/2 months cutie. It's gonna be the first experience celebrating eid fitri together with in law family this year..and insyaalah, its gonna be as nice as in my home sweet home..to all my family members..mak, ayah, sisters, brothers..salam aidilfiri & salam kemaafan from me..and to all sweeties and cuties..maksu will come back on the 2nd syawal & we r going to have an enjoyable moment together..wait for the barbeQ night k..

Last but not least..luv u all...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Di sudut pasar Madinah ada seorang pengemis Yahudi buta yang setiap harinya, selalu berkata kepada setiap orang yang sedang mendekatinya, "Wahai saudaraku, jangan dekati Muhammad, dia itu orang gila, dia itu pembohong, dia itu tukang sihir, apabila kalian mendekatinya maka kalian akan dipengaruhinya." Namun, setiap pagi Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W mendatanginya dengan membawakan makanan, dan tanpa berucap sepatah kata pun, Rasulullah S.A.W menyuapkan makanan yang dibawanya kepada pengemis itu, sedangkan pengemis itu tidak mengetahui bahwa yang menyuapinya itu adalah Rasulullah SAW.

Rasulullah S.A.W melakukan hal ini setiap hari sampai beliau wafat. Setelah wafatnya Rasulullah S.A.W, tidak ada lagi orang yang membawakan makanan pada setiap pagi kepada pengemis Yahudi buta itu. Suatu hari sahabat terdekat Rasulullah S.A.W yakni Abu bakar R.A berkunjung ke rumah anaknya Siti Aisyah R.A yang tidak lain tidak bukan merupakan isteri Rasulullah S.A.W dan beliau bertanya kepada anaknya itu, "Anakku, adakah kebiasaan kekasihku yang belum aku kerjakan?" Siti Aisyah R.A menjawab, "Wahai ayah, engkau adalah seorang ahli sunnah dan hampir tidak ada satu kebiasaannya pun yang belum ayah lakukan kecuali
satu saja." "Apakah Itu?" tanya Abu bakar R.A. "Setiap pagi suamiku, Rasulullah S.A.W selalu pergi
ke ujung pasar dengan membawakan makanan untuk seorang Pengemis Yahudi Buta yang ada disana,"
kata Aisyah R.A.
Keesokan harinya Abu bakar R.A pergi ke pasar dengan membawa makanan untuk diberikan kepada pengemis itu. Abu bakar R.A mendatangi pengemis itu lalu memberikan makanan itu kepadanya. Ketika Abu bakar R.A mulai menyuapinya, Si Pengemis marah sambil menghardik, "Siapakah kamu?" Abu bakar R.A menjawab, "Aku orang yang biasa (mendatangi engkau)." " Bukan! Engkau bukan orang yang biasa mendatangiku," bantah Si Pengemis Buta itu. "Apabila ia datang kepadaku tidak susah tangan ini memegang dan tidak susah mulut ini mengunyah. Orang yang biasa mendatangiku itu selalu menyuapiku, tapi terlebih dahulu dihaluskannya makanan tersebut, setelah itu ia berikan padaku," pengemis itu melanjutkan perkataannya.
Abu bakar R.A tidak dapat menahan air matanya, ia menangis sambil berkata kepada pengemis itu, "Aku memang bukan orang yang biasa datang padamu. Aku adalah salah seorang dari sahabatnya, orang yang mulia itu telah tiada. Ia adalah Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W." Seketika itu juga pengemis itu pun menangis mendengar penjelasan Abu bakar R.A, dan kemudian berkata, "Benarkah demikian? Selama ini aku selalu menghinanya, memfitnahnya, ia tidak pernah memarahiku sedikitpun, ia mendatangiku dengan membawa makanan setiap pagi, ia begitu mulia...."
Pengemis Yahudi buta tersebut akhirnya bersyahadat di hadapan Abu bakar R.A saat itu juga dan sejak hari itu menjadi muslim.
Wahai saudaraku,
Bisakah kita meneladani kemuliaan akhlaq Rasulullah S.A.W? Atau adakah setidaknya niatan untuk meneladani baginda? Beliau adalah ahsanul akhlaq, semulia-mulia akhlaq. Kalaupun tidak bisa kita meneladani beliau seratus persen, alangkah baiknya kita berusaha meneladani sedikit demi sedikit, kita mulai dari apa yang kita sanggup melakukannya.