Monday, October 8, 2007

working on new research proposal

Do not know...wether this is gonna be a good news or not..i've been asked by deputy dean of research to start a research project for my promotion..yes, its good for my future but it is burdensome. Working in multi-tasking environment is so challenging..Other than teaching as the main focus and task...managerial work are here and there...and now..research some more..pheww..i couldn't anticipate how is life would be..

'Research' is close to my heart..i was a dedicated researcher during the time i was persuing my doctorate in UKM. I was conducting a research to determine the effect of palm oil based vit e on hepatoma cells (liver cancer). Alhamdulillah, the findings were convincing..indeed!! I have presented to several conferences locally and internationally...

Past is, i'm no longer in ukm..have to face the reality..i'm working on new research area now, with IJN collaboration's all regarding ischemic heart disease. Being a new private medical university, we have to run 200km/hour while other IPTA breezwalking..and being a junior lecturer it is a compulsory to grab this opportunity to colour my future..and one thing for sure, my x-supervisor, Prof. Dr. Wan Zurinah will always my idol and burning the flame inside me..and i swear it will never turn off.

uppps.. i was carried away with my pleasant memory..anyway, life must go on day after day and hopefully, all the past experiences could be manipulated so that the sweet and pleasant does not turn to bitter.

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