Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ramadhan 29

today is gonna be the last working day for the whole faculty before eid celebration...'must take leaves' is a week long and the day after the school reopened, my teaching slot will be 8.00am-12.30am for the whole week..perghhh...dasat tuuu..i can foresee i'm gonna have a swing mood on that day. Try to look at the bright side of things...perhaps it could be a good exercise to reduce my overweight weight..kekekekek...not too overweight la..a 5 ft lady with 53kg..with glycogen and fats stored under skin..well, it is a price to pay for having a beloved hansem baby..i sincerely dont mind!! is worthwhile!!

another good news, all staffs including academicians is gonna have duit raya from our big boss..alhamdulillah..and i heard the minimum would rm400/head..such a kind-hearted and generous boss!! (puji skeet).. at least it could refill my account!!..tq again Dr. Salmi.

since i will be away for a week..i would write again only after eid break..

lastly...salam eid mubarak to all..maaf zahir dan batin!!

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dLyn aZmi said...

uits wahidah.. kalau rajin lawat lah blog aku..