Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramadhan 28

hmmm..still here..breathing and living in this beloved dungeon..
while other people might have make their own way home for eid fitri celebration.
This morning, on my way to faculty..i could see all the happy faces with all the luggages heading to nearby bus stop. I assume all the bulky bags contained all these must have things: kueh raye, dodol, cakes and the most crucial item..baju raya!! (without this, i just don't have heart to beraya).
Well, talking about baju raya..i'm so happy and proud to have a precious hari raya gift from my big boss..its a nice ready made baju kurung and it fits me well. Tq so much to Dr. Salmi for a very nice purple songket tenun..
Well, actually the CPDC (curricular planning & dev. committee) meeting is just over. But it didnt completely over..all the members still needed to seat back and do the vetting process for proffesional exam questions. It is the most important examination for the whole faculty to determine either the students could proceed to clinical year or repeating the pre-clinical. And some more important, this is the first batch of CUCMS students who are going to sit for the exam. After they have pass (each & everyone of them..insyaalah) the exam, they are going to be split to 3 different hospital according to posting that they choose. Pediatric and ONG will be in Putrajaya Hospital, public health in Sepang and the rest in Terendak Hospital. I personally feel extremely anxious how these students would perform in those other words they are promoting CUCMS name to the world outside.
Looking at the mess on my desk..somehow it diminish the excitement..i have alot of things to be done..mock exam to be marked, students folio and log book to be assessed ( 2 batches u know!!) 2 days to go but i just feel as if syawal is a month a head. I'll be on leave on friday, a day before eid mubarak. Hopefully, this coming Syawal will drive me back to human fitrah, which is white and pure with bless from Allah the most merciful.

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