Friday, October 5, 2007

Syawal is coming, ramadhan is leaving..

Eid Fitri is just around the corner. Exactly a week to go..i could feel the excitement just like the previous was the time when i still single and available..i just can't wait to get back to my home town..break the fast together with mak & ayah. The most precious night is the night b4 eid fitri where all my siblings, nephews & nieces gathered together..i just love how 'tunggang-langgang' my house would be if they start to 'fight'. But for this coming eid fitri, they r going to miss the way i shout at them.."diam la skett..pening pala maksu ni".. owhh..i'll miss u too..

Hmm..i was born in a big family..4 brothers, 3 sisters & i'm the last with 23 nieces and nephews..they are all the cuties and sweeties. The biggest is 1 year younger than me & the smallest one, 2 years old..As usuall, a day before syawal-1st, my job was baking chocolate cake for not only for the guest but also a special one for them..the cuties and the sweeties will be sitting around me to lend their helping hands. Finally, this is the time you r waiting, the cake is ready to be baked and the uncooked residue in the mould now is all yours!! How cute they were at that time licking the mould untill it was cleaned as if it was washed.

It is all different now..i'm a newly-mum with 4 1/2 months cutie. It's gonna be the first experience celebrating eid fitri together with in law family this year..and insyaalah, its gonna be as nice as in my home sweet all my family members..mak, ayah, sisters, brothers..salam aidilfiri & salam kemaafan from me..and to all sweeties and cuties..maksu will come back on the 2nd syawal & we r going to have an enjoyable moment together..wait for the barbeQ night k..

Last but not least..luv u all...

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