Monday, November 17, 2008

farewell party & my beloved cucms students

touching tatkala melihat gambar2 yg tersimpan sudah hampir 3 bulan...biarlah saya kongsi sebagai kenangan yg terindah..

pertama sekali i would like to say..thousand thanks to all for every single thing. To my x-mentees from the first batch till the 3rd batch..i wish you all the best & be an xcellent dr..i'm so proud of you dear...insyaallah our relationship will remain forever..

hari teraakhir saya berada di cucms, saya telah merancang utk mengadakan bday party utk mentees saya...kebetulan masa tu ke2 group mantees year 1 and 2 ada bersama...inilah kali terakhir saya bersua muka dengan mantees year 1 (sebb diorang tak dtg open house raya baru ni.. :(

bday girls & i (i pun celebrate gak..belated)

all the mantees year 1 & 2

canteeknye kek..
lagi touching bila balik ke bilik...students year3 pulak dah tunggu kat tangga...katanya ada party yg sedang menanti saya...aduhh..masa tu perut dah kenyang..takpela you all punya pasal...year 3 ni, students first batch, betul2 ibarat anak sulong, manja dan sangat rapat dengan lecturer, ehem2 batches yg lain jgnla pon same je...sayang you all!! barisan dr2 cun dari cucms

wif prof abu bakar & sakinah my dear friend (yg lain tu students year 4.. now)

the cutie zoran, the blurry tj and the macho man- zufar

and then tengah2 makn tu phone pon berbunyi..dr, where are you..we r waiting for you now at d ariff, we all nak makan dengan dr for the last time...huhu..itulah students tersayang..all the sweet memories will alwayz in my heart..what about the bitter one?.. ;)


first dawn on a flower said...

alaa dr... u r indeed the sweetest lecture!

thank god dr ada blog.. at least ble la follow up dr

take care dr. pls kiss ur son for me!

dr_wahida said...

nadia..i dah add link to your blog. lepas ni bole update selalu activity uol..

u take care too..

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Supri said...

Hai nak th skrg awak di mn ya

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